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We are distributors and installers of several innovative and cost effective labour saving products such as the Amvic (Insulated Concrete Forms) Building System.  Amvic ICF  are one of the strongest and fastest to assemble ICFs on the market  today giving you a higher R-value Lower sound transmission  and a stronger overall better finished product. 

We are distributors of  Mono-Brace.  Mono-Brace is a all in one ICF Bracing System complete with safety rail bracket. When it is time to remove the bracing you'll find that it folds into it self and is easily stacked neatly taking less space and is easy to ship.

We are distributors and installers Raz Panel.  Raz Panel is a polystyrene material that is used for your radiant hydronic heated concrete slabs. It is used to hold your in floor heating lines in the correct spacing and configurations.  It also acts as your vapor barrier and insulation to give you a more efficient heating system.

We are distributors and installers of  ICF-Connect.  ICF-Connect is a fast, strong and efficient way to install wood floor joist and roof trusses to your ICF structure.  It eliminates of  your ledger board, cap plate or (Top Plate) and the need for 8" embedment / anchor bolts or (L-Bolts).

We also sell and install V-Buck.  V-Buck is a PVC product that is designed to be used for block outs in your ICF structure window and door openings.  It is a very efficient and labour saving way to construct your window and door bucks. 

We also sell and install Form-A-Drain. Form-A-Drain is a PVC material used to replace the need for lumber when pouring your footings.  After your footings are poured you leave the Form-A-Drain in place cover the outside with washed rock and it acts as your weeping tile system.

We also sell and install PolyDrain and Trench Former.  PolyDrain is a pour in place drainage system used mainly in garages and shops.  It is a pre manufacturer polymer cement that you set in place and you pour your concrete slab around creating a drain in your floor.  Trench Former is a pour in place drainage system as well but it uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) to create the the trench.  After the pour you remove the (EPS) and install your grates.  
We also sell and install PolarCrete.  PolarCrete Matrix is an acrylic polymer cement  compound of more than 6000 PSI compressive strength which has twice the strength of standard concrete.  PolarCrete's exclusive product line also includes sealers, epoxies, urethanes, cleaners and crack repair products.  Product applications can be hand-troweled, squeegeed or sprayed over many types of  surfaces such as concrete, steel, foam, aggregate and masonry.  PolarCrete is applied to patios, pool decks, pool interiors, driveways, sidewalks, bridges and airport runways... as well as most types of vertical surfaces.  

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